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These players also distinguished themselves.


August 3, 2012 - These players were voted Second Team all-event during the Team Takeover NCAA Certified Event:

Marquis Wright – When you say point guard, think the 5’9”, 140 pound Wright, who simply makes everybody better with his floor game. Will apply impressive ball pressure also. Needs to get stronger overall, while also sharpening his shooting from distance and becoming more vocal. North Point (MD), Class of 2013. (Team Takeover 17u Orange)

Beejay Anya – If Anya played like he did in quarterfinal action all tourney, he would have been lights out first team, as in that game Anya blocked at least four shots (not including one that was clearly good yet was strangely ruled foul), rebounded, and finished around the cup. Beejay has to not fade in and out of effectiveness, and polish is footwork, particularly back to the basket. He looks to have exceeded 290 pounds, which is a burden on his 6’8” frame. DeMatha (MD), Class of 2013. (Team Takeover 17u)

Trey Campbell has had a breakout summer.

Josh Hart – One of the hardest playing guys in the tourney, Hart, a 6’3”, 190 pound guard/forward attacked the tin, battled and did most of his work around the rim. At times demonstrated the ability to hit open perimeter shots, and needs to let it fly from there more often. Must also develop a stop and pop game, as the rim will not always be accessible in high major ball. Will defend as well. Sidwell
Friends (DC), Class of 2013. (Team Takeover 17u)

TJ Huggins – Huggins excels at mid-range shooting and defense, the latter being a real strong point of his. Not a great long ball shooter, but he will attack the tin, though TJ missed several dunks that could have been scored if laid up. Stands 6’3” and weights around 190 pounds. Graduated from TC Williams, this guard/forward is available for recruitment. (Mid-Atlantic Select)

Trey Campbell – Campbell is exploding on the national scene with a mix of team running a team as a point guard, as well as strapping at a high level; he can apply impressive ball pressure to opposing guards. Can also hit the open long ball. Must avoid bouts of seeming self-doubt, which lead to hesitation, as well as get stronger overall. Is 6’2” and weighs around 170 pounds. St. Johns (DC), Class of 2014. (Team Takeover 16u)

Stephon Jiggets – A smooth shooting, 6’2” guard, Jiggets has been known to tickle the twine from deep. During this tournament, he should have also expelled the belief he can’t drive, as Stephon did that, regularly. Must concentrate on being the defensive player he can be. McNamara (MD), Class of 2013. (Team Takeover 17u Orange)

Franklin Howard – A Class of 2015 standout, Howard is becoming the epitome of a wing, standing 6’4” and weighing around 170 pounds, in that he can slash, shoot out to three, pass and defend. Physically he must mature, and skill set wise Howard could be better at changing directions in the half court, but the future is bright for this Paul VI (VA) student-athlete. (Team Takeover 15u)

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